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With health and safety in mind, changes have been made to our bookings structure. Appointments are now staggered so only 1 person at a time is in the reception area, in line with social distancing. You will be with only the Practitioner, who is wearing a mask, Angela. If someone else drives you or comes with you, they must remain outside the clinic. If you make an appointment and then feel unwell, please advise me on 0409 277 646 or cancel your appointment via the email confirmation you received when it was booked. If I become unwell, you will notified at the earliest and clinic will be shut down for isolation. Cleaning of clinic happens after each client, door knobs, doors, walls, taps, any where a person may have touched. Clinic room is cleaned completely after each session as part of our protocol. Rectal tubes, fittings and towels are replaced after each client as usual. If you have any concerns or questions please ask me. Best Angela WellandTruly